Friday, June 26, 2015

found. gold-plated barrette.

Before my parents moved out of their house a few weeks ago, I was forced to go through my bedroom and get rid of stuff that had been lingering far too long: magazine tears of Josh Hartnett and Paul Walker taped to the wall, faded from years in the sun. A mold of my teeth from before I got braces (yup). The never-lit candle keepsake from prom 2006.

Of course, I kept some things—the epic birthday menu my older sister developed (yes, developed) when I turned nine, professionally signed by the "restaurant manager." The program cover I was picked to draw for a kindergarten class performance. And a little pink and purple barrette, proudly displaying my name in puff paint.

I recognized it immediately when I found it in an old jewelry box, glad I had kept it. Magnets and mugs at gift shops and airports never said Kendall (Emily. Always Lauren. Even Cassandra.), so having something—anything—personalized was something to hold onto. And while I'm never going to wear it again, the sweet and preppy look of hair neatly pinned back by a barrette is still stylish—trending, in fact. I saw a feature in the July InStyle on the mane accessory of the moment, and am loving the dramatic, long and skinny styles reminiscent of clips used by stylists in salons. Worn with a side part, it offers a kind of runway feel, in real life.

I wear my hair down almost every day, rarely styling it beyond a blowout or couple quick waves with a curling iron (which is a workout in itself)—clipping in a simple barrette is an easy, effortless way to add a touch of interest to the same old story. This gold-plated one from Mrs. President & Co has a brushed finish for a modern, mature upgrade on my childhood relic, and it's handmade in Brazil for an authentic feel. I'm popping down to Pepin, WI, tomorrow for a day at my friend's cabin, and this would be such a cute way to keep flyaways at bay while boating. Enjoy your weekend!

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  1. WOW such a cool way to tie your hair in summer indoors. It gets so humid i literally feel like getting rid of my long hair. I'm sure i'll find some of these cool clips and will use them. Thank you.