Friday, June 19, 2015

found. clare v. supreme fanny pack

My sister and I went biking a couple weeks ago (um, so much more fun than running!), and while I was planning to stuff my keys and phone in my bra or something practical like that (...), she was buckled into a cute little bum bag that securely stored the essentials. She was nice enough to let me share the space for the day, but I've since been on the hunt for my own stylish pouch.

Once reserved for dorky dads, designers have resurrected the highly efficient, hands-free fanny pack in luxe materials with feminine flair. The fashion-forward have been wearing belt bags party-hopping for a good year, so the stage is set for regular Midwest girls to follow suit (wink). I can't think of a better option for the music festivals, farmers' markets, art shows and let's face it—State Fair (you need TWO HANDS to handle your cheese curds and Sweet Martha's!)—that fill up summer.

The Clare V. Supreme Fanny is simple enough to work day or night, big enough to fit everything you need for a few hours' field trip, adjustable for the perfect fit, and embossed basketweave leather makes it more elegant than what you'd see on the Greenway. Do you need more convincing than that to add another bag to your collection? I don't! Enjoy the weekend—loving this 80º weather!

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