Monday, June 8, 2015

power powder

A lot of us—me included—are trained to think department store ubiquitously trumps drugstore beauty. I spend $45 on NARS foundation (ouch, I know) because the formula caters to my skin type and a Sephora adviser determined Fiji the best match for my tone. For "complicated" products, I understand paying up; but for powder, Target does the trick. I recently switched from Bobbi Brown to Maybelline, and the "maybe she's born with it" brand is not only cheaper, but much more effective.

The compact gives me extra coverage after a day slaving at my desk and eliminates unflattering shine for the refreshed look and confidence needed to do anything social post-5PM—whereas Bobbi was a translucent dusting that only produced OK results after too many irritated swipes with the new application brush I was urged into (grr).

Let's save our splurges for Kit & Ace instead—the North Loop location opened last week! Have you been? Swing by after work and end Monday in some comfy new (washable!) cashmere.

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