Monday, July 13, 2015

13 must-have summer swimsuits

Happy Monday! Despite some late-night insomnia—worsened by a prolonged lightning show—I feel ready for a new week. It was one of those full yet relaxing weekends. Minneapolis was super humid as storms built, so naturally my thoughts revolved around stripping down and going swimming—which is how I wound down on Sunday afternoon.

It may seem late in the summer to be hunting for an annual addition to your swimsuit assortment, but I think the tide is high: more styles are on sale, you've had time to develop a tan and tone up, and it's far enough into the season where you know the trends and which you want to tackle.

Personally, I'm bypassing the popular maillots and high-waist bikinis in favor of sporty cut-away tops, strappy high-neck styles and classic bandeaus. Whatever your taste, the fun thing is that all swimwear has become so stylized and designed—today's options far surpass simple triangles and scoop-neck Speedo onesies. Hitting the pool is now as much a chance to express your style as hitting happy hour. Forget about freaky tan lines for a few hours and slip into something a little edgier, a little sassier, a little more FUN. What else is summer for?!

p.s. I'm super picky about cover-ups and managed to find some really cute ones while swimsuit searching that I had to share. Keep scrolling for beach day extras!

1 |  Sadie Dress 2 | OndadeMar Tunic 3 | Chica Cover-up
4 | Love Sam Embroidered Dress 5 | Sheer Touch Lotion Sunscreen
6 | Toya Dress (30% off) 7 | Rash Guard — cute with tapered joggers, too!
8 | Turkish Beach Towel — 11 colors! love the simplicity.
9 | Beach Chair — necessary for when you want to sit up and read
10 | Colorblock Wetsuit — I can pretend I surf, right?!
11 | Clinique SPF30 Face Cream — doesn't make my face break out!
12 | Maya Pouch — perfect size to grab and go to the palapa for lunch

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