Wednesday, July 8, 2015

coffin nails

via The Coveteur

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When I first saw these extra-long, extra-pointy Cruella de Vil nails on Khloe and Kylie on KUWTK reruns (pause for embarrassment), I thought they looked a little grotesque. High-maintenance for sure. How do you pull your platinum card out of a tightly packed wallet with those? And think of the dirt catching underneath...

But I've since spotted the daggers on the more down-to-earth California girl Lo Bosworth (and elsewhere around the internet), and can't help but lean team de Vil. Sculpted like works of art in chip-less glossy lacquer or a matte coating, these coffin, almond and stiletto nail shapes are impossibly glam—and pretty sexy. Once reserved for an elderly leisure class and women that just kind of make your nose scrunch up (I'm thinking Janice from "Friends"), the K-clan and other "it" girls are modernizing long nails that are more attainably enviable than aristocratic or trashy. Clipped is the '90s notion that short nails are "classier." And you really can't argue with the finger-elongating illusion.

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