Monday, July 27, 2015

fancy flats to replace your pumps

One thing I've learned in the last few years is both how to be alone (embracing the time to do something I enjoy rather than holing up inside) and how to meet new people (not restricting myself to prescribed high school & college groups). This weekend was a really happy balance of both. I saw Trainwreck, capped an afternoon boating with a killer view of the Aquatennial fireworks from Lynlake Brewery's roof deck, and Sunday, savored the relaxing routine of an early(ish) morning run and walk to grab groceries & my favorite Agra Culture salad. Even though I'm still in a semi-transitional state since moving back to Minneapolis, I felt really content doing regular things around the city and happy that I'm here.

As I sipped a chocolate Crafted Press and loaded apples, broccoli—and yes, baked Cheetos—into my basket late Sunday morning, I realized that flats had been on my feet all weekend. And I couldn't actually recall the last time I'd left the house in heels.

I've relied on a little extra height for special occasions since college, and often a comfortable low wedge for every day, but more and more, elevated kicks feel like overkill. And frankly, impractical for the majority of my daily activities. But just because I'm—literally—lowering my effort level doesn't mean you're going to see me cruising around in Crocs. A sleek pointy toe is my M.O.

Click through below for a few pairs (loving the mules!!) that will look good with a dress at dinners and parties in lieu of stilettos (sorry loafers and oxfords), transition into fall, and—most importantly—offer options for summer's movie matinees, Lunds runs and nights sipping flights at all the breweries I've yet to try (looking at you, Bauhaus)!

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