Thursday, July 9, 2015

found. club monaco rina vest.

There are really only a handful of "fashion moments" I remember in my life, as my style has always been pretty simple. And—as my older sister recently reminded me after looking through old photos with a friend—I didn't have any style to speak of until after high school. Cringe. I'd blame the Catholic dress code, but it really wasn't that restricting.

I do distinctly recall, though, the beginning of senior year of college, when blazers from H&M, Topshop and Zara became something casual to wear to Mug Club nights at Brothers and the Blue Moose, rather than stuffy corporate cover-ups for our mothers. See Exhibit A. It was a combination of feeling, on the brink of the "real world," mature enough to pull off the sophisticated style and these then-fringe fast-fashion stores registering on my primitive Midwest retail radar.

I still think blazers are chic—a wardrobe staple—though I don't turn to them as often for bar nights with friends anymore. The Club Monaco Rina Vest, though, a kind of sleeveless version in stretch crepe, is appealing for such outings—the next evolution of workwear turned playwear. It's a grade more mature and cooler than a standard blazer, something confident women with a secure fashion sense would effortlessly slip on, and I feel ready to go there. Plus, its minimalism is perfect for hot summer weather, and the drapey, lengthy silhouette has a relaxed vibe that jibes with the season. I'd wear the Rina Vest over a white mini dress or short-shorts to play with proportion and add some height with espadrille wedges.


  1. hey! i didn't mean you had NO style...just that it was different then than it is now. : )

  2. HAHA. Noted. I wouldn't call whatever it was "style," in any case.