Tuesday, July 21, 2015

his style: short suit

Short suits are on my mind today! I was unsure how I felt about the stylish man's summer-occasion uniform when it started popping up at popular retailers last year, but you can now consider me a big fan. The combination of casual shorts and a crisp sport coat is seemingly such a paradox, but having the savvy and self-assuredness to wear something from the fashion frontlines is hugely appealing. This time of year, it's really only practical to cut the pants off a bit above the knee. And as street style star Nick Wooster proves, you don't have to be twenty-five to go short. If you have weddings ahead yet this summer, it's definitely worth picking up an "abbreviated" pantsuit at 30% off. Swirling a Scotch as the happy couple cuts the cake, you'll be cool and comfortable, and the ladies will be captivated. ;-)

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