Monday, July 6, 2015

july edit.

Back to reality! The flags have been waved, patriotic songs sung (how great was the Spotify Independence Day playlist?!), and summer's hitting its stride. I'm kicking off the first full week of July with this month's bright 'n sunny must-haves.

There's a point in July when slip-over-the-head dresses are just the easiest option. This one combines soft jersey comfort with classic embroidery and a timeless silhouette—I love that you can wear it as a beach cover-up or to dinner at the country club (theoretically). 
After attempting to blow-dry my hair this weekend and ending up with an almost-afro, I went straight to my computer to order something smoothing and softening. I neglect my hair enough with only twice-yearly haircuts; time to get real about maintaining between appointments! 
A playful centerpiece to add seasonal festivity to your next backyard patio party (and, appropriately, pineapple-scented)!
There's lots of beauty buzz lately about hair SPF, and since mine's frizz factor soars this time of year, I've been reading up. The verdict: hair doesn't need SPF, but sunlight does dry out strands and make them brittle. Protect, hydrate and get TV-commercial shine with a moisturizing mist. 
The subtle flutter on this delicate top is perfection. A fun way to take the off-the-shoulder trend somewhere slightly different (and show off your sunbathing efforts)! 
Summer calls for a light and fun fragrance. This sheer one is "green and dewy," and the cap looks like a lime! Hello, fresh. 
As easy as Birkenstocks, but a little more feminine for date nights and wedding showers. 
Oversized to make a statement, but in a simple link construction, not too showy or gaudy. It reminds me of something Kristen Taekman would wear and that girl's got serious style game. Wear. With. Everything! 

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