Monday, July 20, 2015

white out

In Minnesota, the term "white out" typically refers to the landscape during a snowstorm. Thankfully, we're still a few months from that situation and today's post is just about shopping. I don't think it's a huge faux pas to wear white after Labor Day (thinking cable sweaters and cashmere turtles), but the color is best suited for summer—it makes the sharpest impact against a backdrop of bright blue skies and sizzling sidewalks, don't you think? White jeans don't really do me any favors, but a little white dress is the perfect solution for a sunny day. Avoid looking like you're going to the chapel with easy silhouettes (no bodycon!), effortless fabrics (cotton!) and sweet details (crochet, eyelet). Accessorize with a refreshing Crafted Press from Caribou—have you tried it?! Pretty tasty. Have a great Monday!

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