Wednesday, August 12, 2015

affordable throw pillows

Target works hard to constantly surprise and delight shoppers, and its throw pillow selection had just that effect on me when I stopped in over my lunch break a few weeks ago. I hadn't seen the "show room" floor pad concept yet, which I was impressed by, and upgraded fixtures really made the Home section look more like a Macy's than a mass discounter.

I've had essentially the same apartment decor since graduating five years ago, and I'm not at the point where I regularly redecorate, but a few new pillows would go a long way in giving my tiny space a necessary facelift. I found several that would have popped perfectly against my mocha microsuede sofa—coordinating Aztec combinations of soft lime, peach and evergreen—but I resisted what felt like an impulse purchase and left the store empty-handed (save for pride in my will power).

I'm now a little regretful that I didn't get them, and went online to course-correct. I didn't find the styles I'd loved in the Eden Prairie store, but was AGAIN surprised to find a ton of other cute options. I'm over my comfy-but-cliché leopard pillow, but for my current bachelorette pad, think accent pillows should still be fun and whimsical. Some of these are a little too young for me, but I love a colorful mix of prints and patterns—especially the teal/lobster pairing in the last row!

Today my company is doing lunch & lawn bowling at Brit's downtown so I'll be contemplating these decorative combinations all afternoon—going to be 80º and sunny! Also I may have dreamt about grilled cheese last night (#notashamed), so I cannot wait to get one...! Happy hump day, guys!
one | two (pretty cheesy, but how can you not feel happy when you see it?) | three
four | five | six 

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  1. Love all these pillows! Such a great idea to mix pillows as a way to recreate your apartment.
    Especially number 7, that blue pattern = love! And then of course I always love lobster!
    xo Nan // Simply Elegant Blog