Wednesday, August 19, 2015

fall fashion jackets

The weather has kiiiiiiiind of been cramping my style this week. Sunday night, my sister and I lasted about 10 minutes (barely a beer + a basket of cheese curds) before a downpour forced us, fast-walking and jeans-soaked, from the Borough block party. On Monday, I really wanted to run outside after work, so I DID, despite the sprinkles, making it almost the full three miles without stopping for the first time this summer (ha!)—nothing like some rain to up your stamina. And last night, I was all set to head to the Northeast Night Market—food, entertainment & artists at Bauhaus—but there was a 100% chance of thunderstorms and the event was rescheduled. Ugh.

With all the rain, the temperature has dropped dramatically, which has me thinking about my fall wish list—specifically, some cute jackets that can actually be part of an outfit, rather than just a layer needed to get from car to cubicle. Here are some I'm eyeing to wear now in the A/C-on-high office, and later as fall officially arrives!

Also, some mid-week motivation before I go: I wanted to attend the Create + Cultivate conference in Chicago last weekend, but didn't want to pay the $250 entrance fee. I think it's important to invest in workshops, events & networks that feed your hobby/business/pleasure, it just wasn't a good time for me. But this little recap made me feel like I was still reaping some of the speakers' wisdom (thanks, Blair!). 

Taking a cue from DooBop founder Jodie Patterson, I made a list of my own "touch points" in an effort to be more conscious of each day and what makes me feel fulfilled. It's a really helpful practice when lots of things feel undetermined, unsettled, and up in the air—which I think is VERY representative of life in your twenties. Try it out and worry less about planning/scripting/molding a future that may or may not be, and focus on feeling accomplished in the here and now. After all, baby steps now are what build into bigger, future successes. 

Hope your week is rolling right along! Fingers crossed for some end-of-the-week sunshine! :)

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