Monday, August 17, 2015

lip service

I don't regularly introduce new products into my makeup regimen—all about keeping it simple (and my current tubes and compacts cost enough!). But a recent Sephora email made me reconsider lip plumper. While I've been well aware of the media attention poured on Kylie Jenner and her famously fat pout, I never thought twice about recreating the look—maybe because her "overlined" style looked more blow-up doll than beauty queen to me. And, I guess, I'm not actively seeking to emulate an 18-year-old reality star.

But little Kylie isn't the first woman to use lip liner, and the product existed long before she started blowing up the Internet as its unofficial spokesmodel. Liner goes a long way in creating definition and prolonging color (read more). The size of my lips isn't one of my insecurities, but what's wrong with using a plumping potion to boost 'em a bit, just like you'd layer on high-definition mascara for dramatic lashes?

I tested out Dior Addict High Volume Lip Plumper (thank you, free sample!). Cool and tingly, it made me hyper-aware of my lips, and in turn, feel sexier, so there is certainly some fun—and value—in that. As this interview with Rent the Runway founder reminded me, you should "dress for the day you want to have and the person you want to be... Putting on an outfit or makeup that makes you feel like the best version of yourself fundamentally changes the course of your day and gives you that extra boost of power/happiness/attitude you need." Intangibles aside, the Dior plumper's collagen formula promises actually fuller lips in fifteen days. Intrigued.

I normally stick to Burt's Bees, so the biggest challenge for me will be remembering to give my lips some attention before dashing out the door. But on days I have time for extra effort, I'm all for subtly enhancing the kisser with a combination of liner + stick for a more matte, daytime look OR liner + gloss for an after-hours, seductive situation. Flirtatiousness will likely swell proportionately with both options!

two | Givenchy lip liner in Lip Blackberry + Guerlain tinted balm in Crazy Bouquet
three | NARS lip liner in Nihiwatu + NARS lipstick in Annabella
four | NARS lip liner in Patong Beach + NARS lipstick/pencil in Bahama

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