Friday, September 4, 2015

found. james jeans satin combo blazer.

Let me preface this post by saying I originally created this series for aspirational, probably-out-of-my-price-range pieces that the fashion lover in me can't help but flirt with (so if you see $600 boots and wonder whether I know my audience, there's my answer). I will also feature lower-end items that really strike me, but FOUND is an end-of-the-week, we've-made-it-to-Friday, free reign safe space for me (and you) to go gaga over a really amazing boot, bracelet, beret—or in today's case, blazer.

So let's gaga.

Both menswear and velvet were identified as discrete trends for fall, meaning this James Jeans Satin Combo Blazer kills two sartorial birds with one stone. And the type A in me loves that efficiency. Satin lapels add a level of luxury to an already fit-for-a-queen velvet garment that will have the masses gathering at your knees and yearning for a feel. There's something about a tailored jacket that makes you feel like snapping some whips and capable of commanding a room, right? The business-minded silhouette mixed with festive, here-to-party fabric means this cold weather must-have will stun for work or play—versatility that I say justifies a little splurge.

Get inspired with more ways to wear velvet this season from Vogue.

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