Thursday, September 17, 2015

found. teeki yoga leggings.

The past two weeks I've been taking advantage of free yoga at Lake of the Isles. Until now, I've always chosen more aggressive forms of cardio and largely avoided group exercise, preferring the flexibility to sweat on my own schedule. But despite high school being the last time I whipped out a Warrior One, the idea of some calming vinyasa flow overlooking the water was too enticing to turn down. I love that there's no pressure to be the fastest sprinter or sharpest shooter—the Wednesday night group is all ages and if you can't quite grab your ankle for a certain pose (guilty!), no problem. The only goal is letting go of the day and finding balance. And for me, the middle of the week is a great time for that.

It appeals to my stingy side that no special socks or expensive equipment are required (you can use a beach towel in lieu of a mat), but I can't help myself from picking up a couple pairs of colorful leggings to really get me in the "namaste" groove. Teeki uses recycled water bottles to create activewear that is not only ethereally beautiful, but earth-conscious—kind of perfect for a peaceful mind, right? I'm mesmerized by the mix of softer colors and fluid, kaleidoscopic patterns for a mystical, Wild West look and feel. This was the last week of The Yoga Garage's outdoor summer sessions, but Teeki's tights are just the kick I need to continue practicing on my own.


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