Tuesday, September 15, 2015

nude midi dress

Mindy Kaling's sophomore memoir hits Amazon today! Have you ordered a copy? I read her first book over the weekend in preparation and really enjoyed it—literally LOLing more than a few times ("When I see a perfectly hairless, tanned guy on-screen, I am forced to recall the Chihauhau."). It was really endearing to learn how a successful writer/actor flubbed her way through many firsts and boldly persisted in putting herself in new and scary situations (pitching sketches for SNL alongside Tina Fey and Seth Meyers? Hello intimidating.) in her quest to be a TV comedy queen. Not all Hollywood heavyweights were pros from day one! The page-turner was not only entertainment for a beautiful Sunday night on my roof deck, but motivation to keep plugging away at my own passions. It takes time and tumbles for anything to take shape—Mindy's previously successful play flopped at Aspen—but something you love doing is worth the skinned knees and judge-y side-eye.

And when you finally hit your stride, there's no better feeling! I met my blog photographer early this summer and after six or seven shoots together, I think we've both found our footing. He captured some amazing shots (that light!), and this nude dress is my favorite look so far. It's simple but sexy, makes me feel really confident and comfortable, and is incredibly versatile, spanning wearing occasion and season. The ribbed midi has skinny straps and side cut-outs, which I'm all about in the right situation. But with a classic jean jacket thrown over the shoulders, it's more modest and fall-appropriate. I plan to wear it for dinner & drinks with visiting friends on Saturday (can't wait to take them out!), and it would look just as good trolling the mall with low-cut Chuck Taylors.

Thanks for joining me as I stumble along in my own hobby! I certainly scrunch my nose as I look back on some of the outfit photos I've posted so far (so not a natural in front of the camera..!), but I'm taking a cue from Mindy in laughing and continuing on.

Get more Mindy over on Shopbop today where she's talking fall must-haves!

Topshop Midi Dress (sold out—similar here and here)
American Eagle jacket | Boden heels (old) | J.Crew bag (old)

photos by Andrew Saxum