Wednesday, September 2, 2015

september edit

Welcome to September at casse-croute! The humidity in Minneapolis this week makes it hard to start living and breathing fall, but the savvy shopper's at least THINKING it. Rather than focusing my monthly budget on chunky cowl sweaters and heavy corduroys, I'm nodding to the new season with autumnal colors (loving plum and TEAL!), rich texture (braided choker, leather backpack), and depth in pattern (jacquard stripe scarf, patterned rayon pants). Wood Clubmasters are a revelation—the natural next step if you love tortoise—and a buttondown boy shirt with bold stripes is a modern variation on a traditional Oxford that's more appropriate for this time of year. I also threw in a Clinique cleansing brush because skincare is always a priority, this brand never makes me break out, and I STILL don't have a sonic facial tool (#behindthetimes). As the weather shifts and skin reacts, I'll be giving mine extra love to ensure a smooth transition.

Shop everything below while you listen to my song of the month—Seventeen by Sjowgren. It has a really comforting message, easy melody and is a good reminder to just chill—I've needed that lately. I'm saying hello to a five-day weekend starting tomorrow, and am excited to catch up with a visiting college bestie, lie by the pool, sleep in and do some end-of-summer celebrating a la this post. How are you spending Labor Day? Any great new songs on your radar? Let me know in the comments!

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Nail polish in Chat Up | Sonic Brush | Shirt | Backpack
*Maybe too soon to start wearing, but the best blanket styles get scooped up fast! Don't risk your favorite selling out.
**Gray goes with everything, and this glossy finish will stand out from a sea of matte leather. 

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