Monday, October 19, 2015

5 QUESTIONS WITH Askov Finlayson's Zach Dolinaj

How was your weekend?! I capped off a Saturday trip to Stillwater with wine & crostini at Toast, a show at Acme and a late-night bite at 112 Eatery. A tip from today's interviewee inspired me to finally try the latter—and I'm glad I took his word for it! The cheeseburger was top-notch and the candle-lit atmosphere cozy—a safe haven from all the undead swaying through the streets outside. The kitchen stays open 'til 1AM (I love a late dinner) and the food tasted even better washing down a couple hours of Wyatt Cenac's wittiest quips.

Judging by his exceptional taste in gourmet ground chuck, you're going to want to pony up and pay attention to what Zach has to say about Minnesota menswear Mecca Askov Finlayson in this month's guys' style feature—dude knows what's up!
My favorites from the current online assortment. LOTS more in store at 204 North First Street in Minneapolis!
Sneakers | Keychain | Oxford | Sweatshirt | Backpack | Cap | Bitters Set | Belt | Candle | Boots

WHO: Zach Dolinaj
WHAT: General Manager, Askov Finlayson
HOMETOWN: Cedar Rapids, Iowa—"The City of Five Seasons"
HANG: 112 Eatery for burgers, Marvel Bar for cocktails. I had an Agricole Manhattan with Mezcal last night. It blew my mind.
FOLLOW: @insta_zach

How would you describe the Askov Finlayson aesthetic? 
Our aesthetic circumvents trend in a way, and in doing so, demonstrates our desire to prioritize quality and the story behind our products and brands over buzz-worthiness. Classic shapes and fabrics and clean, do-it-all designs that go from the city to the woods and back are what we do best—and we're sticking to it! 

Must-have for the season? 
The HAN Kjøbenhavn Bankers Trench (in-store exclusive) is the fall/winter wool trench every man needs in his wardrobe. Designed in charcoal this season, it's minimal and unassuming, letting the tailored cut and fabric do the work.

Will there be more products introduced to support the Keep the North Cold campaign?
Later this season, we'll add a crewneck sweatshirt and a few tees to the current assortment of hats, mittens and water bottles. We're also releasing an updated NORTH ball cap that's pretty rad!

You like to share photos of people sporting North gear on your social channels. Any famous faces spotted wearing your brand? 
We've had some great people excited to show support for Keep the North Cold. We'll feature some fun portraits of them in our North gear in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

Best thing about working at Askov Finlayson? 
Interacting with the vibrant North Loop community and the greater Minneapolis/Twin Cities area is the best part. The talented designers, businesses and other creatives in the neighborhood continually set the bar higher for all of us.

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Best of: Quilted Coats

CALLING IT: quilted coats are the season's must-have outerwear style. Once found only at elite retailers like Barbour, most brands now carry a version—so, splurging or saving, you can snag the preppy, quintessentially fall look. Kind of makes you want to head for the stables and ride a stallion through the colorful countryside, right?! Just me?

TRADITIONAL | one | two | three
UPDATED | one | two | three

MORE QUILTED COATS FOR A COUNTRY RIDE (or stylish city livin'!)

Monday, October 12, 2015

Best of: Fur

Are you a fur girl? Most people have polarizing opinions on the controversial fashion. I can't say I have extensive experience with the luxe look, but while an undergrad, I bought a shaggy white faux fur vest from a local boutique that I loved. The thought of it now makes me LOL, but a sleeker and more modern brown or black fur is definitely a desirable and popular way to stay warm and stylish in winter.

I stopped into Anthropologie on my lunch break last week, and from stoles to sweaters, it seemed every table and rack boasted something fur-lined or trimmed. I've been seeing marten and mink in my dreams since, and thinking it's time to pick up a replacement for that white vest I outgrew. Creeping to the top of my list? This Pilcro Faux-Fur Denim Jacket—so wearable and the perfect mix of glam and girl next door. And thinking ahead a few months, this tank would be HOT for a holiday party or New Year's Eve, this vest is the epitome of aprés-ski chic for a mountain getaway, and this jacket is so fun and extravagant in a fabulous Carrie Bradshaw way for snowy forecasts.

How are you wearing fur this fall? 

Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Minnesota Girl's Guide to Winter Hats

Hats have never been my thing—choosing numb ears over a ruined hair day through high school—but in Minnesota, you're a fool to go without one in winter. And, like outerwear, you need a variety for different wearing occasions and degrees of frigidness. A classic cashmere beanie is a solid place to start your collection, taking you stylishly to dinner at Lurcat or Bar La Grassa on sub-zero evenings.

Once you have the dressy look on lock, move on to a playful hockey hat. Founded in 2011 by brothers Andrew and Eric Dayton and selling national names like Patagonia and Red Wing Shoes in addition to its own designs, Askov Finlayson is THE place to secure the authentic Minnesota aesthetic. Not only a cute way to let your northern pride fly, proceeds from its iconic North stocking hat support Keep the North Cold, a campaign to combat climate change and preserve the seasons that define Minnesota culture.

The burgundy & red one was perfect with a casual vest for an apple orchard outing, but I can't wait to wear it in the city with my cocoon—the contrast of a sporty accessory and refined coat is so fun and unexpected.

Round out your assortment with a trendy beret and cozy trapper—and you're set for the flurries! Shop the complete Minnesota Girl's Guide to Winter Hats right here.

photos by Andrew Saxum

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October Edit

It's overnight oatmeal season!! I can't lie—everything is good, but the comforting steel-cut oats recipe is my favorite in this month's edit (and I made a big batch last night)! If you don't have a slow cooker, this is your cue!! As the weather gets colder, this hot 'n hearty goodness is the extra kick I need to crawl out from under the covers in the morning.

I didn't have much time to whip up witty copy today so I'll leave you to shop (loving sassy mini skirts with ankle boots, shiny jewelry peeking out from a cozy sweater cuff, motivational running clothes for these crisp temps, and a structured pop of plaid) to my song of the month: Broken Arrows. Happy Tuesday!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall Home Fragrances

The weather was BEAUTIFUL to welcome October this week—crisp, bright and colorful—but chilly! I actually had to start wearing a jacket to work in the morning and close my windows at night. In addition to fall going full-swing this month, it's prime pumpkin season. While I'm not a huge fan of the popular PSL, I love the warm and spicy fragrance in candle form. Woodsy notes reminiscent of outdoor bonfires and frosted forests, rosemary and pomegranate are a few other scents I seek out for a cozy, festive feel as the weather turns cool and the holidays approach.

Spicy Apple doubles as a stunning centerpiece, Frasier Fir has such a strong and bold aroma—a longtime favorite in my family, and Ski House conjures up idyllic winter vacation memories and aspirations of those to come! Winter is no one's favorite season, but with a few of these candles burning warmly when you come in from the cold each night, there's certainly something to look forward to.

one | spiced apple 
two | brown sugar
three | spice
four | pomegranate, blood orange, champagne
five | rosemary
six | pomegranate, pine, cinnamon

seven | wintertime fire 
eight | dark rose & smoky wood
nine | frasier fir
ten | balsam & fir
eleven | burning wood & mountain spruce
twelve | fire irons, birch