Friday, October 2, 2015

Fall Home Fragrances

The weather was BEAUTIFUL to welcome October this week—crisp, bright and colorful—but chilly! I actually had to start wearing a jacket to work in the morning and close my windows at night. In addition to fall going full-swing this month, it's prime pumpkin season. While I'm not a huge fan of the popular PSL, I love the warm and spicy fragrance in candle form. Woodsy notes reminiscent of outdoor bonfires and frosted forests, rosemary and pomegranate are a few other scents I seek out for a cozy, festive feel as the weather turns cool and the holidays approach.

Spicy Apple doubles as a stunning centerpiece, Frasier Fir has such a strong and bold aroma—a longtime favorite in my family, and Ski House conjures up idyllic winter vacation memories and aspirations of those to come! Winter is no one's favorite season, but with a few of these candles burning warmly when you come in from the cold each night, there's certainly something to look forward to.

one | spiced apple 
two | brown sugar
three | spice
four | pomegranate, blood orange, champagne
five | rosemary
six | pomegranate, pine, cinnamon

seven | wintertime fire 
eight | dark rose & smoky wood
nine | frasier fir
ten | balsam & fir
eleven | burning wood & mountain spruce
twelve | fire irons, birch 

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