Monday, October 12, 2015

Best of: Fur

Are you a fur girl? Most people have polarizing opinions on the controversial fashion. I can't say I have extensive experience with the luxe look, but while an undergrad, I bought a shaggy white faux fur vest from a local boutique that I loved. The thought of it now makes me LOL, but a sleeker and more modern brown or black fur is definitely a desirable and popular way to stay warm and stylish in winter.

I stopped into Anthropologie on my lunch break last week, and from stoles to sweaters, it seemed every table and rack boasted something fur-lined or trimmed. I've been seeing marten and mink in my dreams since, and thinking it's time to pick up a replacement for that white vest I outgrew. Creeping to the top of my list? This Pilcro Faux-Fur Denim Jacket—so wearable and the perfect mix of glam and girl next door. And thinking ahead a few months, this tank would be HOT for a holiday party or New Year's Eve, this vest is the epitome of aprés-ski chic for a mountain getaway, and this jacket is so fun and extravagant in a fabulous Carrie Bradshaw way for snowy forecasts.

How are you wearing fur this fall? 

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