Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Minnesota Girl's Guide to Winter Hats

Hats have never been my thing—choosing numb ears over a ruined hair day through high school—but in Minnesota, you're a fool to go without one in winter. And, like outerwear, you need a variety for different wearing occasions and degrees of frigidness. A classic cashmere beanie is a solid place to start your collection, taking you stylishly to dinner at Lurcat or Bar La Grassa on sub-zero evenings.

Once you have the dressy look on lock, move on to a playful hockey hat. Founded in 2011 by brothers Andrew and Eric Dayton and selling national names like Patagonia and Red Wing Shoes in addition to its own designs, Askov Finlayson is THE place to secure the authentic Minnesota aesthetic. Not only a cute way to let your northern pride fly, proceeds from its iconic North stocking hat support Keep the North Cold, a campaign to combat climate change and preserve the seasons that define Minnesota culture.

The burgundy & red one was perfect with a casual vest for an apple orchard outing, but I can't wait to wear it in the city with my cocoon—the contrast of a sporty accessory and refined coat is so fun and unexpected.

Round out your assortment with a trendy beret and cozy trapper—and you're set for the flurries! Shop the complete Minnesota Girl's Guide to Winter Hats right here.

photos by Andrew Saxum

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