Thursday, January 28, 2016

Natural Beauty Beginner's Kit

Don't you love when people surprise you?

I recently met someone from middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin—she wears just a whisper of mascara, knits on weekends, owns a three-chamber slow cooker from which she serves hearty Midwestern meals, and drives a manual transmission Ford. She knows where to find the best pho in Uptown and is currently planning a Thai getaway complete with cooking lessons so she can really learn the culture.

As we walked home from our monthly dinner club under softly falling snow on Monday night, stomachs full of drunken noodles and spicy curry, I learned she used Aveda hair products exclusively for three years straight. I had pegged her a Head & Shoulders girl for sure (to be clear, there's no shame in drugstore shampoo—my shower's stocking $6 Tresemmé), and was surprised by her allegiance to such a luxe brand. But I realized: beyond the intoxicating aromas and relaxing sensations that are truly universal (crockpot in the kitchen or not), Aveda's commitment to using pure flower and plant essences perfectly aligns with my friend's natural beauty inclinations, savvy disposition and worldly spirit.

Immediately, I wanted to get back aboard the Aveda train.

The brand, so much more than haircare, is the perfect supplement to the natural remedies I've recently started adding to my beauty arsenal (apple cider vinegar to clarify hair, peppermint to invigorate the senses, coconut oil to moisturize, rosewater to tame razor burn). I feel like an old-world herbalist in the best way with those jars and bottles lining my medicine cabinet—plus, they're cheap and effective. But I also love convenience and am not crafty; so piecing together an aloe-kelp-jojoba-buckwheat wax concoction, Albert Einstein-style, on a weeknight when my complexion's lacking luster isn't realistic. For those nights, I look to my Aveda lineup—complex masques and cremes ready to go in pretty packages, saving me from bumbling DIY disasters, but still so natural and so indulgent.

apple cider vinegar rinse | peppermint oil | coconut oil | rosewater | image via

Shop my hot-off-the-press natural beauty winter survival system below, focusing on treating dryness & dullness and including some of Aveda's signature wellness products—because it takes more than a fancy face cream to get through this cold, gray weather with a smile.

Hope you have a fun weekend ahead. After a busy week and bit of sickness, I'm simply looking forward to a fresh haircut and lots of rest!

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