Friday, January 22, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

With the dead space following the Halloween to New Year's Eve holiday streak, is anyone else reaching for a reason to celebrate? Well, chill the Champs because Valentine's Day is just three weeks away! Sharing a hot plate of pappardelle with your S.O. or getting buzzed with your buddies are perfect ways to celebrate, but we all secretly want some STUFF, too, right?!

I think it's fun to play into a theme for holidays, and gifts in a red or pink palette can give something commercial a cute and fun spin. And if you really don't want to be restricted that way, just garnish whatever you bestow on your number-one with a spicy red salsa (hey, hottie!) or a bottle of rosé.

While gifts for girls are arguably easier (Perfume or a pretty bracelet? Cake.), guys shouldn't get the shaft! I have a main hang for February 14 for the first time in forever and a pretty legit list of things I want to get him—when you have someone specific in mind, know what they like, and have things you like to do together, it's not hard to pick a meaningful or personalized present. But if you're in a brand-spankin'-new situation or are just stuck, get inspired with some Valentine's Day standbys at a range of retails below! xo.

*contains my new favorite beauty ingredient (rose water) and works while you sleep to hydrate and brighten. hello indulgence! 
*for the music man! or whatever he's into. 
**whip up new recipes together. add some sriracha or pink peppercorns to give the gift some kick!

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