Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Winter Lip Exfoliators

Following the Packers' Saturday night loss, I'm begrudgingly shifting my attention from football to film. The Oscars airs in a few weeks and I'm seeing as many of the nominations as I can before the Feb. 28 show. On tap tonight: The Revenant. While the storyline is dramatic in itself, Leo's cracked and bleeding lips in the trailer (whoa) left as much of an impression on me as his harrowing quest to survive winter and seek revenge. I'm in a solid routine of exfoliating my face twice a week, but forget that same technique should be used to nourish lips (and make color last longer). Mine aren't QUITE as ravaged as Leo's (wink), but they could still use some TLC—especially in these sub-zero Minnesota temps. Sara Happ's peony formula is my current favorite, gently sloughing away deadness and leaving the kisser as soft and fresh as a spring bouquet. I'm also a big fan of bliss® after waking up to a couple of the brand's moisture creams in my Christmas stocking, so I have high hopes for fabulips.

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Shop the best exfoliators below and get those lips lookin' more Angie, less Leo. You can also find the peony lip scrub on my new SHOP page! It features the products I'm using and loving IRL—stuff for the guys, too!—updated on a rotating basis, so bookmark it and be sure to stop back. Have a great Tuesday!

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