Thursday, February 18, 2016

Beret Revival

My week in a word? Frazzled. Last weekend, I let homemade pizza and a Broad City marathon take precedence over my to-do list, which started Monday on a stressed, distracted note. All I could think about until five o'clock was getting to the grocery store and washing my whites. I slept later than intended on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the morning workouts missed left me feeling frumpy and vaguely irritable. Today, I have the fridge stocked, fresh sheets on the bed, a couple cardio sessions completed, and life generally back on track.

A little trick I learned along the way? The beret. The eternally chic and very en vogue accessory disguises a messy mane when you don't have time to fully style (or have more pressing matters to attend to), while managing to ooze effortless Parisian panache. It has all the comfort of a beanie in a more sophisticated package—and is popping up all over NYC. More for style than warmth (but still functional in brisk weather), the iconic French topper can be worn all year, dressed down for hasty commutes or up when you want the attention.

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