Tuesday, November 21, 2017


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Friday, October 6, 2017

3 Products to Share With Your Boyfriend

I love Fridays even more when I have the afternoon off to head up to the cabin! I'm so excited for sweats all weekend long, fall colors and booze cruisin' on the pontoon. Before we take off, I'm sharing 3 products you and your boyfriend will both love—it makes sharing a medicine cabinet a little easier! Have a great weekend—I'll be sharing mine on my Insta stories. :) 
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye | Clean Reserve Smoked Vetiver Eau de Parfum | Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (c/o)

Eye Cream: The best! Chris uses it to reduce dark circles and puffiness (he's at work for a 7:30 call with India every morning), and I use it to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. #foreveryoung

Eau de Parfum: I wear a little fragrance every day and like to switch it up for fall. Smoked Vetiver is made for men and women (how great is that?)—described as "woody, floral and fresh with a smoky sweetness," it's musky and intoxicating, but light and not overly masculine. I'm obsessed, and there's something intimate about wearing the same fragrance as your S.O. (at $95 a pop, sharing is also a win for our wallets!).

Tea Tree Shampoo: I only wash my hair about twice a week, so I love this $9 all-natural clarifying shampoo for getting rid of all the product buildup and leaving my scalp really refreshed (read more about why you need a clarifying shampoo here). Chris has noticed it makes his hair less oily, and we both like the invigorating scent for a little mental AM energy. A must-have to prevent irritation and dryness this winter. (Get your free sample here.) 

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Date Night Kimono

What do you do for date night? We usually keep it low-key (I'm trying to become regulars at nearby Park Tavern or Texa-Tonka—#class), but sometimes you gotta get in a dress and go out for truffle fries and fancy wine. A kimono is kind of stretch for me (or, more boho than I'd typically go), but it's one of my current favorite ways to give an LBD a fresh look when I do dress up a little. I'm obsessed with the luxurious drape and goddess-like feel—and I love it just as much with a simple black cami and high-rise denim. I packed this when I went to Door County last month and wore it with cutoff shorts and a t-shirt while we sat around eating cheese, so it definitely dresses down! 

This week is going pretty fast so far, although it's been busy! Monday night, Chris and I met his sister for a play at the Swandive Theatre. She had to see it for a class and invited us to go along. Chris and I agreed we're not really "theatre people" (the passion and earnestness in the actors' voices just annoys me and I start getting RLS by act two), but it was fun to stop through Seven Corners, a charming part of Minneapolis I don't go to often. Tuesday, I woke up early to get going on some work deadlines. It's so much easier for me to be productive from home—with my coffee pot mere inches away—when I'm feeling the pressure. Then I had a meeting at Barrio for a volunteer committee after work while Chris watched the Twins/Yankees wild card game with friends—I'm excited to have him to myself tomorrow! Maybe we'll go to Texa-Tonka. ;)
Kimono | Dress | Heels (old, Sam EdelmanSimilar
Clutch (old, Target)—love this velvet one! | Necklace | Sunglasses (old, Kate Spade)

Friday, September 29, 2017

October Wish List

We made it to Friday! I felt like I had already worked a full week by 2PM yesterday, anyone else? I just wanted to pop in quickly to share a few essentials on my wish list right now! It's hard for me to find brown boots that I like, but I am obsessed with this pony-brown suede pair—how cute would they be with this striped dress and leopard pouch?! I'm also starting to think about sweaters for fall and pops of velvet (so fun with denim!)—and a metallic belt is such a great flash of fun with any outfit. A LOT of this is 30% off from J.Crew through TONIGHT only, so shop fast!

Our kickball team got beat 23-3 last night under the lights (it was brutal, but then it was hilarious) and Chris & I have a wedding on Saturday, so we're planning to lay low tonight and watch The Big Sick. I hope you have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Fall Bucket List + 3 Must-Have Topcoats

OK, fall appeared OVERNIGHT. It's so disarming to suddenly see crunchy orange and red leaves swirling around the streets! It's bittersweet to move on from sleeveless tops and 9PM sunsets. But fall brings slow cooker chili, a general sense of coziness (give me all the candles)—and really pretty coats. I deffffinitely do not need another wool coat, but I'm dying over these refined ladylike topcoats that would brighten the sh** out of a dreary day. Ties were trending all summer long and I'm loving how they give these heavier coats a waist, too. They're the perfect thing to throw over your shoulders as you head out into the crisp air to tackle your fall bucket list. Scroll for 5 things I'm penciling in this season.

Wrap Coat in Majestic Purple | Tie-Waist Topcoat in Bright Plum | Daphne Topcoat in Bright Red

I have a couple of friends running "the most beautiful urban marathon in America" this Sunday, and I'd love to post up on a patio along the river and watch all the ambitious athletes pounding the pavement of this beautiful city while I sip a mimosa.

We're spending a weekend near Leech Lake with Chris's extended family in early October—peak season for the leaves (I realize I sound about 85 years old)! Nevertheless, I'm excited for pontoon rides in sweatshirts, overnight oats and late-night card games against the backdrop of a fiery landscape.

I'm a Hawkeye (go Hawks), my younger sister is a Gopher. The Oct. 28 showdown is a good excuse to hang out now that she lives allll the way in St. Paul—and bond over a friendly rivalry, cheap beer and hot wings while soaking up the campus atmosphere in Dinkytown.

Chris's older sister turns the big 4-0 next month, so we got tickets to the haunted basement (she loves all things spooky). Head out to Aamodt's for apple picking (I want to attempt an apple crisp!) and alllll the autumn things if you prefer PG fun.

Pick up growlers of seasonal brews and invite your friends over to make jack-o-lanterns and sample all the limited-edition flavors. Strap into some lederhosen and hit up Gasthof's Oktoberfest for the after-party.

Walking through the newly remodeled Minneapolis sculpture garden before it snows (I've never been!) and trying Trapeze, a Champagne bar coming soon from Barbette (how perfect for a special occasion) are a couple more things I'm keeping in mind as we wind through the season. What's on your list for fall? 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Camo Jacket + Culotte Jumpsuit

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? It was 90º in Minneapolis for the first day of fall, so while I was anticipating trying Starbucks' new maple pecan latte, INSTEAD—Chris and I last-minute decided to take off early and head up to his sister's for one last day at the lake (the hot drinks can wait). After a couple of hours on the boat, we drove into town for dinner at the local Mexican restaurant, then sat around the fire until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. Basically, my ideal day. 

It's back to reality today, and I'm sharing two fall essentials you can wear now and will love all season long: a camo jacket and a culotte jumpsuit. Think of a camo jacket as the cooler, edgier version of your denim jacket—you can wear it all the same places and it's truly a neutral. Everyone at my office has one. Mine is almost as lightweight as a shirt, so it's easy to layer onto any outfit and doesn't feel overbearing or bulky when you're trying to GSD. A link to my exact jacket is at the bottom of this post, and here are 5 more must-have styles! 

Also, if you haven't started wearing jumpsuits like jeans, get on board, girl. I could wear one every day (working on that). They're so effortlessly stylish—making them great for casual weekends and special occasions alike, and they're the perfect thing to wear under a cool fashion jacket. I love this breezy J.Crew version, but with colder days around the corner, you may not want to invest in summery linen. Here are 10 culotte jumpsuits you can wear now with heels and into winter with ankle boots (can.not.wait)!

Hair Ribbon: mine is literally from a craft store (this is a great option, too)
Sunglasses: old, Madewell (similar styles here) | Camo Jacket | Jumpsuit | Tote Bag (note: I really wanted a luxurious, real leather bag, but am really liking this faux alternative as I try to save more money! I'm finding that expensive bags aren't where I want to invest.) | Denim Heels

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Things Making Me Happy This Week

Last Sunday I woke up, spent an hour at the gym and ran a few errands before the Vikings 12 PM kickoff. Productive, with all the makings of a low-key and content day. But Chris called me out, saying I seemed quiet and asking what was bothering me. Nothing was wrong. I think not having anything particular planned for the day and then rolling right into the work week was making me feel BLAH. Like I was just waiting for Monday to arrive (dun dun dun). 

I started planning my fall bucket list (coming soon!)—a fun way to get more out of the season and, yes, avoid some empty Sundays—and it ironically inspired me to write down the simple things making me happy right now. It's easy to get caught up in the swirl of the routine and glaze over your perfect morning cup of coffee, but if you can't enjoy what's happening on the sidelines of the bucket list stuff, something's not right! Here are 5 little highs from my week! 

a daily (!) 20-minute news podcast from The New York Times that dives a little deeper into need-to-know topics than GMA. I can usually get through an episode driving to and from work (easy!) and it makes me feel a lot more informed. 

Chris and I loooooved Ozark on Netflix, and AHS is satisfying our thirst for another thriller. Lame as it may sound, it's fun to have a really good show to snuggle up with mid-week. 

I survived on black coffee for the last few months and recently rediscovered how delicious a cappuccino or latte from my Keurig can be—just the thing for chilly fall mornings. Sorry, Folgers.

Checked doctor and dentist appointments off my list! There's a lot I don't understand about insurance and benefits, but at least I'm doing the basic check-ups! 

The Aveda F/W hair color & makeup collection went live on Monday!!!!! (So far I only see the makeup portion online, but I'm planning to meet a former coworker this week to pick up a copy of the look book.) This was my biggest project while I worked there. First of all, I'm proud of myself for working and earning my way into a brand like Aveda. Second, for then navigating the difficult territory this launch involved: i.e. writing quotes designed to inspire and intrigue professional stylists, and then articulating how birds had inspired the artists in creating different hair colors. I spent daysss creating collection name lists, reading through interview transcripts and researching minerals, flowers and plants to create makeup shade names and hair color names. It was Christmastime when the final creative was approved (feels like a lifetime ago!) and it's so fun to finally see it for real, 9 months later!  I'll definitely be swinging by Aveda soon to purchase the collection as a keepsake. 

P.S. This striped Kate Spade shift is also making me pretty happy. It's perfect for these 80º one minute, 60º the next temps, and the options really are endless—I wear it to work with wedges, on weekends with sneakers, and am even considering it for a farmhouse wedding at the end of the month. Kate Spade is usually out of my price range, but I knew I'd get plenty of mileage out of this super versatile style—and had a discount code. Here are a few styles I'd also wear non-stop: knit flounce dress, sleeveless midi (so cute with a leather jacket!), ruffle shift, long-sleeve midi (obsessed!). 
Dress (old, Kate Spade) | Sunglasses | Crossbody Bag (similar here
Sneakers (Superga) | Bandana | Denim Jacket (old, BlankNYC. can't go wrong with this classic style.) 

Monday, September 18, 2017

Weekend Guide: Door County

I finally got around to gathering the photos I took during a bachelorette bash in Door County and wanted to share a quick recap of the weekend! Mary, who hosted the seven of us her aunt's house, has been spending summers in Ephraim for more than 20 years, so I feel like I got to experience the area with a local. Looking back at my photos, I snapped mostly pictures of the goats (and not the girls), but here's at least a taste of the trip! 

I arrived at the cottage late on Friday. The sun was setting as I winded along the picturesque peninsula and I was immediately enamored with the area. It reminded me of Bar Harbor or some idyllic east coast village—but with the friendliness and familiarity of the Northwoods—and Lake Michigan certainly looked big enough to be the Atlantic. 
Mary had an epic local charcuterie board waiting for dinner, and we popped prosecco to toast Katy and kick off the weekend. (Every corner of this stunning house buried in the woods was covered with black and white photos—it was literally bursting with family memories. I made a mental note to model at least one wall in my future home in the same fashion.) Full on prosciutto and olives and almonds, we spent the first night lazily bobbing in the heated outdoor pool (you may have seen it on Insta!).  
Saturday started early with the Door County Creamery tour—highly recommend! We got a tour of the goat farm where the cheese comes from and LOTS o' samples, including gelato! I don't necessarily consider myself a huge animal person, but it was actually fascinating to see the goats up close. I wasn't game to pick up any of the squirmy babies, but did cautiously pet one. :) The morning ended back at the shop and café where a gorgeous farmhouse table was set for lunch on the outdoor patio. There were string lights, my mozzarella sandwich was delicious and it was all perfection. 
One of three male goats on the farm. 
A couple of the babies! 
This cheesemaker in training (she studied at UW-Madison) passed around samples. Goats were constantly jumping on the table—so sprightly! 
Lunch back at the cafe! 
We had an early dinner at The Whistling Swan in Fish Creek, a white tablecloth kind of place and the peninsula's oldest operating inn, before jumping on a haunted pub crawl that evening. We whipped around on a boozy and rowdy trolley, stopping at a handful of bars and resorts where our tour guide (dressed as a priest) would entertain us with the haunted lore of that particular locale, many looking unchanged since 1970. I had my first shotski—I know, what took me so long?—and it was a super fun way to try a few different bars, all exactly what you would expect for small-town Wisconsin: lots of Packers memorabilia and hunting regalia cluttering the wood-planked walls. Loved every second. 
After such an indulgent Saturday, we all needed to move our bodies a bit on Sunday. We managed a light hike that included a great overlook of the lake, but I forgot to pack any kind of activewear, so I didn't last long in Mary's aunt's Seavees (major. blisters.). After an hour or so, some of us broke off to shop in Sister Bay. I was very tempted by all the rustic cabin decor, but resisted buying anything, having no real need for mini Adirondack chairs or On Lake Time cocktail tumblers. 
We lounged in the pool again as the sun set (gorgeous!) and Mary whipped up a gourmet grilled feast for dinner at the house. We dropped into Wilson's for ice cream, then spent the rest of the evening playing Cards Against Humanity with wine and sangria. 
Swimsuit from J.Crew. I'm obsessed with their one-pieces!  
(I mean, can you believe this pool? And view?!)

We all had long drives home the next day, and I hit the road back to Minneapolis pretty early on Monday morning (listening to How I Built This the whole way). There's so much more we could've done in Door County (kayaking, sailing, golfing, wineries, orchards), but our weekend was the perfect mix of tourism/activity and laying low. I love Wisconsin, and I'm so glad I was able to see this part of it and celebrate this lovely bride-to be! Can't wait to do it again at her October wedding! 

Since then, Chris and I have had a couple of quiet weekends! We saw IT, hit the farmers market for the first time this summer (I made BLTs), hung out at the NE food truck fair (loved the empanadas), saw Oh Wonder at First Ave, spent an evening playing board games with friends on Cedar Lake in Annandale, and have been watching a lot of football (we did a fantasy draft with my sisters! Chris has been very generous about helping me figure it all out. Not pleased about Jordy Nelson's potential injury).

I actually have some new outfit posts coming your way this week, so stop back here soon! Have a great Monday! 

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Labor Day Weekend Packing List

The long weekend is (almost) here! I'm heading to Door County (I've never been!) for a bachelorette party and can't wait—here's what I'm packing.

 A chic and travel-friendly bodysuit for Friday (we'll get there around 7 PM for a low-key dinner) + a hat to hide end-of-week hair. Saturday: a breezy dress that goes from day to night and a bandana wrapped around my wrist as a "bracelet"—new favorite thing. Appropriate for Wisconsin, right? Sunday: another easy dress (feeling very boho lately), accessorized with an iPhone crossbody so I'm ready to 'gram at every moment. Easy nude sandals that I can wear with every outfit and an under-$100 faux leather jacket* to throw on at night will be clutch—and save suitcase space for all the wine, duh.

Follow along on Instagram for real-time updates! Spoiler alert: a goat & cheese tour is involved. Happy Labor Day loves!

*check out my fall jacket guide for more must-have transitional options! 

Bandana | Maxi Dress (3 colors and under $80!)

Friday, August 25, 2017

5 Jackets for a Fall Wedding

Happy Friday, friends! I am in complete denial that September starts next week—except it's only 65 degrees right now (brr) so I guess that makes it feel pretty real. Up until last week I was all about sleeveless summery tops, but with the arrival of an October wedding invite, I've started thinking about fall events. I'm excited to wear a gown to the black-tie-optional ceremony that is quickly approaching and decided on this easy but elegant maxi that could lean casual (with slides and a jean jacket) or dressy (with big sparkly earrings and a gold tassel necklace).

The tricky part of an October Midwest wedding is the jacket (right?!). I want to wear something heavier than my trench, more fun than my puffer—and the glossy pashminas I stocked up on while studying abroad circa 2009 (ha) feel dated. I spent some time searching around this week for new options and found 5 amazing layers that would be great for a wedding AND every day. I want them all!

1. A cashmere wrap or long draped cardigan—the ultimate travel accessory and a lusciously elegant layer on top of a flowy gown.
2. A velvet quilted jacket—love this sport-luxe mix. Velvet is going to be everywhere this fall.
3. A delicate kimono—obsessing over these goddess-like caftans. So pretty poolside or on date night.
4. A faux fur vest—the glam outfit-completer to wear to work and special occasions.
5. A faux leather jacket—the all-season staple for indoors and out. 

Do you have any fall weddings this year? Tell me: what are you wearing?! 

Friday, August 11, 2017

Clinique Even Better Glow™

Happy Friday! It's been awhile! Work is busy and I've been happy just going to the gym and hanging out after a full day at the office. But I had to pop in because I found the best new foundation, and there's really not much better than finding that perfect shade and putting an end to the relentless experimentation.

The Even Better Glow™ display caught my eye when I passed the Clinique counter at Southdale the other day, returning a bottle of OUAI spray (I thought this new-gen wave spray would be different, but I didn't care for the sticky feel and haphazard look; and since my hair already has texture and wave, it seemed pretty unnecessary). The moisturizing oil-free formula has luminizing pigments to create natural radiance—and promises that over time, skin glows on its own thanks to brightening vitamin C. Sign. Me. Up. I love knowing that something I wear every day is helping it long-term, not hurting it. Clinique has always been a favorite of mine because of its skin care focus and whenever I stray from the brand I wonder why—my skin just loves it. (Plus, $28 is way easier to swallow than super prestige brands like $47 NARS.) I've only been using this for two days, but was instantly obsessed. It makes my skin visibly dewy and feels light, natural and healthy (if you're super oily, this is probably too dewy for you). I'm wearing Cream Chamois—the best part is that the color blends in so well with my natural skin tone. With 30 shades, you're sure to find your best fit, too. Clinique is offering free 10-day samples right now, so swing by this weekend and try some!

Quick life update: last weekend, Chris and I visited my grandma in the U.P. with my mom. We stayed on Fortune Lake, a really beautiful chain of lakes—the kind where trees jut up right from the rocky shore and you can see straight to the sandy bottom—and I made it through my first round of golf at the Iron River Country Club. I have today off and we're heading up to Moose Lake to camp with  friends for a few nights; I'm excited to try these low country boil packets. Even though this post is about makeup, it'll be nice to go without for a few days, hang out around a fire and just relax. Hope you have a good one! 

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

City Guide: Girls' Night Out

WELL, it felt good to get back into normal clothes yesterday after Sunday's "octogenarian" bash! I'm all for a theme party—and bingo—but I'll pass forever on the double-wide, elastic-waist shorts (pants?) I pulled off a Goodwill rack to wear to the occasion. Skinny jeans have never felt better! 

Today's post is a little different! Bea, who blogs at ExploreMPLS, is sharing five fun spots for your next girls' night. Having good girlfriends is so important, and I love that her ideas prioritize that relationship. I had never heard of Gyst (which has been open for over two years, where have I been?) until reading her recs and had to try a wine flight for myself at the quaint fermentation bar right off Eat Street (see below! Lol to my friend Jackie quietly admiring the spread in the last photo. We were kind of dying over the butcher block tables, Olivia Pope wine glasses—even the glowy, pinkish light pouring into the windows). Scroll for all of Bea's picks. And cheers to girlfriends.

Wedge & Wheel | Stillwater
Go for the cheese. 

This cute cheese shop curates the best cheeses and meats of the moment—a great way to try new flavors you might otherwise skip over. I recommend the Big Board to share as a meal. My favorite part is you can buy and bring home anything you like.

Lynhall | Lynlake
Go for the community. 

With long tables and high ceilings, this welcoming and charming spot has a modern cafeteria feel. Walking in for the first time, I was immediately greeted by a server who explained how to order. Some of my favorites are the Steamed Bun, Beet Farro Salad and French Silk Pie. 

Lab Mpls | Loring Park
Go to get your hands dirty. 

This requires some planning ahead because you need to purchase tickets and some classes sell out fast! My sister and I did the Cocktail Lab for my birthday and it was so fun! We learned how to make 3 different kinds of cocktails and the supplies were set up in the most Instagram-worthy way. 

Café Lurcat | Loring Park
Go for the ambiance. 

This is one of the prettiest restaurants in the city—I love it because I feel like I'm in a different city. In the summer the patio is filled with white furniture and umbrellas and twinkling lights in the evening. My favorites on the menu are the Pot Roast, the Apple, Cheese & Chive Salad, and—of course—the Cinnamon Sugar Donuts. 

Gyst | Eat Street 
Go for the wine flights. 

With Kombucha on tap and a drink called Brine & Soda, there is something new to try every time. I tried a sparkling wine flight, the Motherboard and Grilled Cheese and all were delicious—plus, they serve extra bread so you don't have to ration your bites! They also focus on sustainable farming, which is just one more thing to love.

Thanks, Bea! 

Friday, July 21, 2017

3 Wedding Guest Dresses

Shockingly, Chris and I only have two fall weddings to attend this year, which is just fine because summer is flying by fast enough without every weekend pre-booked. Still, I thought it would be fun to create a few wedding guest looks since it is the season for ceremonies! Even if you aren't RSVPing "yes," having one or two cocktail dresses for unexpected occasions (a nice dinner, a baby shower) is a good plan. Like having wine on hand for spontaneous guests, it's refreshing not to have to race to the mall every time an event pops up.

We're sticking around Minneapolis this weekend for the first time since June! We're going to a friend's surprise party at a brewery tonight, possibly hitting the driving range tomorrow to put my golf lessons to the test, and doing a meat raffle and bingo at a couple of dive bars for another birthday on Sunday—the theme is "Midwestern Octogenarian" (cringe face). Hope you have a great weekend! 

Sunglasses | Studs | Nail Polish in Splish Splash


Clutch | Hoops | Nail Polish in Madame

Friday, July 14, 2017

My Summer Playlist

Happy Friday! I'm feeling the relief in a different way this week. I really like my job—but working at a smaller company has its pains. Processes are mushy, roles are blurry. I came home last night and just cried. The cure for a rough week? Good music and fun clothes. I've been blasting my summer playlist as I work from home today and it's definitely helping. (Lots of Francis and the Lights—we saw them in March and it was so.good.—and new Haim. Scroll down to listen!) And I bought this lavender peplum top before all the drama went down, but it's still cheering me up to know I get to wear it this weekend. The color is to-die. We'll be up north-ish again for Chris's family's annual summer Lake Day and I plan to pull it out for the birthday party happening on Saturday. I'll be posting pics and stories so follow the fun on Instagram!

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Trend Alert: Yellow

Yellow is a tricky color to pull off, but it's all the rage right now so I'm giving it a shot! I don't really have a favorite color—maybe poppy or chartreuse or cerulean—but I remember it being yellow at one point because the walls of my childhood bedroom were a soft buttery chiffon with flowers sprouting up from the molding. One thing's for sure, it makes you feel seriously sunshine-y, and there's no better way to feel in the summer.

I scoured my favorite sites to find the most flattering ways to wear the trendy color and decided on this citrusy one-shoulder top. I'd pair it with light-wash jeans and a straw hat for a typical summer Saturday in the city—running to the farmers' market in the morning (which I have yet to do WHERE is July going?!), grabbing lunch and shopping in Wayzata, and hanging at a few breweries back in Minneapolis. It'd be great for Rock the Garden and the Walker Wide Open party (happening tonight!), too—are you going? Also, these sandals are a celeb fave (and 30% off!), and a large leather tote is my next splurge purchase—perfect for work and weekends!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Statement Earrings + Tees 3 Ways

What day is it? Does anyone even know? The holiday falling in the middle of this week is totally throwing me off. After hanging on the North Shore last weekend (and bringing home a zillion mosquito bites), we spent Monday through Wednesday in Big Lake for the Fourth. Thursday was a chance to hit the gym, eat some veggies and relax before we head to a friend's cabin this afternoon. In addition to all the snacks and all the bug spray, here's what I'm packing!

It feels like overkill to wear anything dressier than shorts and tees at the lake, but throwing on a pair of statement earrings is a quick way to give a casual outfit some flair if you go out for dinner or just want to turn it up a bit after spending all day in a swimsuit. Until recently I wore delicate gold jewelry pretty much exclusively, but I've really been getting back into oversized danglers and hoops, especially when paired with easy tees like these—the contrast is really fun and feels effortlessly glam. I'll be pulling out this little trick for weekends at the cabin and hot days in the city all summer long.

Friday, June 30, 2017


We made it! Happy Friday! I hope you have some fun plans ahead for the Fourth! It's actually my favorite holiday—with how busy summer can be (it is shocking that tomorrow is July), it's nice to have a dedicated day to slow down, hang at the lake and watch some fireworks.

Before you totally tune out in favor of stars, stripes and sparklers, I had to post a PSA about jackets. I'm not sure how I missed the memo on these cute outfit completers, but I really hadn't thought much about jackets as a fashion piece (or thought I needed a selection) until this spring. I was at a wedding in Chicago in April (read: chilly and rainy). My Rent the Runway dress didn't fit (awesome) and my sister assured me that my destructed denim jacket was highly inappropriate for the The University of Chicago chapel. I felt so unprepared and uncomfortable throughout the ceremony and reception, and really couldn't believe that I didn't have a lightweight, tailored jacket to toss over an easy shift for that kind of occasion.

Never again. I'm course-correcting with this adorable persimmon swing jacket. It's the chic way to stay warm after the sun sets at summer weddings and elevates your jeans, shorts and skirts for work and nights out. I wore it to dinner at St. G's on Saturday and felt SO put together. Click through below to see more jackets I'm adding to my collection (first up: floral, camo, classic chambray) and have an amazing Fourth of July!! xo

My jacket is 50% OFF with code SPARKLER! 

Snakeskin Sandals (old, J.Crew. similar here and here)