Tuesday, January 24, 2017

10 Things You Might Not Know About Me

You know those group ice breakers where you're forced to share a fun fact about yourself? Not my forte. I feel like I resort to the lamest stats, like how I broke my nose in high school, which really says nothing about who I am. It's HARD to boil yourself down to a few words! I've always focused more on things and trends than myself on this blog—it's easier, after all—but starting today I'm making an effort to get more personal! I really missed blogging during the little break I took last year, and as I slowly ramp back up, I want to improve and grow. The blogs I like best are those that offer a look at the writer's real life, beyond the bags and OTK boots. So, I'm excited to start letting you in on what's happening in my day-to-day a little more! And to lay the groundwork, here are 10 little tidbits you might not know about me. Take a gander and enjoy your Tuesday!

1. I graduated from the University of Iowa (go Hawks!) where I double-majored in Journalism & Mass Comm and English. I was my sorority's Director of Finance and studied abroad in Scotland during my junior year.

2. Manicures are my necessary indulgence. Essie Meet Me at Sunset and Deborah Lippmann Naked are two long-time favorite shades.

3. I work as a copywriter for a beauty brand. My proudest accomplishment since starting in March is writing the autumn/winter 2017 collection book (stay tuned!)—a task that totally intimidated me.

4. I'm obsessed with homemade hummus, broccoli on pizza and my ideal breakfast is a smoothie and a couple no-bake energy bites. I'm not much of a chef, and prefer to make meals with five ingredients or less (it can be done!).

5. I'm a reality TV fan (yes, #PumpRules!), could read these interviews on The New Potato all day and I always have Good Morning America on in the background while getting ready for work.

6. I've been dating my boyfriend, Chris, for a year. We met at our company holiday party last December and instantly bonded over our shared goal to see local live music every month. And he was pretty cute.

7. The best concert I've been to was Bleachers when I lived in Madison, WI—and I went by myself! #independentAries

8. Machu Picchu and Alaska are on my travel bucket list.

9. I am NOT a morning person. I always wake up for work at the last minute, but feel infinitely better if I'm able to get a workout in right away.

10. I spent summers growing up at my grandparents' lake home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan—I've always been a water baby and being at the lake is my happy place.

Random bonus fact: I can't stand white sunglasses! Questions? Comments?
Tell me below, let's be friends!


  1. I always perceived your personality on the blog, but looking forward to seeing even more YOU! : )

  2. Well that is good to hear—thanks, Carling!

  3. Yes white sunglasses are the WORST. and let's lake lake lake sometime soon