Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Embroidered Denim

Over the weekend, Chris and I toured Paisley Park, the 65,000-square foot compound in the western Minneapolis suburbs Prince called home. It was pretty unreal to walk the same hallways the mysterious, mythical legend walked just a year ago. I never saw him in real life, and so wish I could've. Not many celebs stick around Minnesota and it's crazy to think about Prince chilling just a few miles down the road from my uptown apartment. 

The tour lasted about an hour. The baby blue Bentley, club, countless guitars, Grammys, studios and sound stage were cool—and you could even sample the pancakes Prince famously served at parties—but his costumes were my favorite part. Something about seeing the actual garments he wore was really magical, and about as close to the icon as I'll ever be. Custom fit for someone half my size (seriously—these clothes were TINY!), the intricately patterned, embroidered and bedazzled blouses, suits and heeled boots seemed to vibrate with talent, stories and secrets. 

Wandering through the wardrobe displays, I was reminded of this Vogue story on fall's embroidery trend and the growing desire for clothing with an artisanal, hand-made feel. "Most people don't regularly get to wear embroidered Valentino gowns or Gucci blazers, so a little embroidery on a pair of cutoffs or a t-shirt is a playful nod to couture," says Tessa Perlow. "It just makes a piece feel personal and extra-special." 

Prince's fashions might have been a little out there, but they were undeniably him. Undeniably special. Embroidered denim gives you a taste of that custom, one-of-a kind look—so much cooler than unadorned blue jeans pulled off the rack at any anonymous department store, and still so wearable. It's refreshing to look a little different than everyone else, isn't it?—something Prince probably would've appreciated. Style yours with a simple bodysuit and sleek mules to balance the look.

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