Friday, January 6, 2017

Pretty Minis

With the Christmas tree packed away and the swirl of the holidays settled, I've started thinking about how to spend the money gifts I received from my grandma, my boyfriend's dad and a handful of other relatives. A friend of mine has this slouchy tasseled pouch that I eye enviously whenever we grab burgers at The Nook or beers at Bunny's, and it made me realize my own options for a small handbag aren't much beyond formal evening clutches. Since there are more casual hangs than fancy galas in my future, I decided to cash in on a few mini bags that have a low-maintenance vibe.

This leather pouch by Comme des Garcons is where it's at—made in Spain from supple leather, the minimalist design is versatile enough for day or night, and attainable, at $135. When it comes to crossbodys, I like 'em teeny-tiny with a delicate chain strap and gold hardware (so cool with jeans a la Keira Knightley)—the Furla Metropolis Mini comes in ten colors and is the perfect hands-free accessory for sports events, concerts and brewery tours. A phone wallet is so practical, keeping things light as you dash to work-week lunches and breezy happy hours. And a coin purse might seem a little useless, but the secret is using it for more than spare change. I love this buttercream-colored style (pouches available in the same shade!) to store lip balm, bobby pins and blue oil—little things I reach for all the time, easily lost in a larger tote.

My satchel is great for the everyday work grind, but lightening up with something smaller is really freeing—and having the right bag for the right occasion makes me feel like I'm doing life RIGHT, you know? How are you downsizing this season?


  1. I'm so glad you're back!!! I love the new entries. These bags are definitely adorably- good choice!

  2. That means so much to me, you are the best! I so appreciate every Facebook like and comment, it means a lot! xo