Friday, February 10, 2017

BLANKNYC Faux Leather Jacket

What are your thoughts on leather jackets? They're generally regarded as a staple in any stylish woman's closet and I think they look great on most people. Finding one has been on my fashion to-do list for years. I finally ordered one from Nordstrom on sale a few weeks ago, but when I slipped it on, I felt super cheesy and slightly masculine—like I was headed out to meet my cronies and beat someone up on a street corner. Not the plan. 

Still, my faithful black J.Crew Jackie cardigan (now 30% off!) was wearing a hole in the elbow and after close to ten good years, I needed a replacement—a classic and versatile layer I could wear through all seasons, but something a little less sweet 'n preppy than the Jackie.

This Faux Leather Jacket from BLANKNYC is a blend of both things I wanted—it combines the structure and cool of a traditional leather jacket with the softness and ease of a cardigan—edgy and feminine, in one pretty package. I love that I can wear it all day, as part of an outfit, and cruise right onto a cocktail patio in cooler weather without changing. A regular long-sleeve tee comfortably fits underneath and I'm obsessed with the effortless drape. So happy I found something with a little personality (but still so practical) to boost my boring winter wardrobe—it needed it! 

Hope you have a fun weekend planned! We're going ice fishing on Mille Lacs (I caught a couple crappies my first time out and now I think I'm a stud or something...!), and I'm excited for a long-overdue mani/pedi. Maybe I'll even whip up some pink and red Valentine's Day cookies. Catch you next week! x

Anthropologie tee (ahh! so many cute & elevated basics on the site right now!)
Madewell jeans (my fave for denim)
Kate Spade backpack (similar here and here)
Sam Edelman pumps (on sale for $77. also want these and these for spring!) 

SHOT NOTE: These pics are a little grainy, but we're a work in progress! 
(Chris is a trooper for letting me drag him into this.) 
Thanks for hanging in there while we get into our photo shoot groove. 

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