Tuesday, July 25, 2017

City Guide: Girls' Night Out

WELL, it felt good to get back into normal clothes yesterday after Sunday's "octogenarian" bash! I'm all for a theme party—and bingo—but I'll pass forever on the double-wide, elastic-waist shorts (pants?) I pulled off a Goodwill rack to wear to the occasion. Skinny jeans have never felt better! 

Today's post is a little different! Bea, who blogs at ExploreMPLS, is sharing five fun spots for your next girls' night. Having good girlfriends is so important, and I love that her ideas prioritize that relationship. I had never heard of Gyst (which has been open for over two years, where have I been?) until reading her recs and had to try a wine flight for myself at the quaint fermentation bar right off Eat Street (see below! Lol to my friend Jackie quietly admiring the spread in the last photo. We were kind of dying over the butcher block tables, Olivia Pope wine glasses—even the glowy, pinkish light pouring into the windows). Scroll for all of Bea's picks. And cheers to girlfriends.

Wedge & Wheel | Stillwater
Go for the cheese. 

This cute cheese shop curates the best cheeses and meats of the moment—a great way to try new flavors you might otherwise skip over. I recommend the Big Board to share as a meal. My favorite part is you can buy and bring home anything you like.

Lynhall | Lynlake
Go for the community. 

With long tables and high ceilings, this welcoming and charming spot has a modern cafeteria feel. Walking in for the first time, I was immediately greeted by a server who explained how to order. Some of my favorites are the Steamed Bun, Beet Farro Salad and French Silk Pie. 

Lab Mpls | Loring Park
Go to get your hands dirty. 

This requires some planning ahead because you need to purchase tickets and some classes sell out fast! My sister and I did the Cocktail Lab for my birthday and it was so fun! We learned how to make 3 different kinds of cocktails and the supplies were set up in the most Instagram-worthy way. 

Café Lurcat | Loring Park
Go for the ambiance. 

This is one of the prettiest restaurants in the city—I love it because I feel like I'm in a different city. In the summer the patio is filled with white furniture and umbrellas and twinkling lights in the evening. My favorites on the menu are the Pot Roast, the Apple, Cheese & Chive Salad, and—of course—the Cinnamon Sugar Donuts. 

Gyst | Eat Street 
Go for the wine flights. 

With Kombucha on tap and a drink called Brine & Soda, there is something new to try every time. I tried a sparkling wine flight, the Motherboard and Grilled Cheese and all were delicious—plus, they serve extra bread so you don't have to ration your bites! They also focus on sustainable farming, which is just one more thing to love.

Thanks, Bea! 


  1. Full support for the wedge and the wheel, i haven't been to Gyst yet, but I know I'll love it once I finally get there!

    1. Yes you have to try it! Lots of great stuff worth going back for. :)

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