Friday, August 11, 2017

Clinique Even Better Glow™

Happy Friday! It's been awhile! Work is busy and I've been happy just going to the gym and hanging out after a full day at the office. But I had to pop in because I found the best new foundation, and there's really not much better than finding that perfect shade and putting an end to the relentless experimentation.

The Even Better Glow™ display caught my eye when I passed the Clinique counter at Southdale the other day, returning a bottle of OUAI spray (I thought this new-gen wave spray would be different, but I didn't care for the sticky feel and haphazard look; and since my hair already has texture and wave, it seemed pretty unnecessary). The moisturizing oil-free formula has luminizing pigments to create natural radiance—and promises that over time, skin glows on its own thanks to brightening vitamin C. Sign. Me. Up. I love knowing that something I wear every day is helping it long-term, not hurting it. Clinique has always been a favorite of mine because of its skin care focus and whenever I stray from the brand I wonder why—my skin just loves it. (Plus, $28 is way easier to swallow than super prestige brands like $47 NARS.) I've only been using this for two days, but was instantly obsessed. It makes my skin visibly dewy and feels light, natural and healthy (if you're super oily, this is probably too dewy for you). I'm wearing Cream Chamois—the best part is that the color blends in so well with my natural skin tone. With 30 shades, you're sure to find your best fit, too. Clinique is offering free 10-day samples right now, so swing by this weekend and try some!

Quick life update: last weekend, Chris and I visited my grandma in the U.P. with my mom. We stayed on Fortune Lake, a really beautiful chain of lakes—the kind where trees jut up right from the rocky shore and you can see straight to the sandy bottom—and I made it through my first round of golf at the Iron River Country Club. I have today off and we're heading up to Moose Lake to camp with  friends for a few nights; I'm excited to try these low country boil packets. Even though this post is about makeup, it'll be nice to go without for a few days, hang out around a fire and just relax. Hope you have a good one! 

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