Wednesday, September 20, 2017

5 Things Making Me Happy This Week

Last Sunday I woke up, spent an hour at the gym and ran a few errands before the Vikings 12 PM kickoff. Productive, with all the makings of a low-key and content day. But Chris called me out, saying I seemed quiet and asking what was bothering me. Nothing was wrong. I think not having anything particular planned for the day and then rolling right into the work week was making me feel BLAH. Like I was just waiting for Monday to arrive (dun dun dun). 

I started planning my fall bucket list (coming soon!)—a fun way to get more out of the season and, yes, avoid some empty Sundays—and it ironically inspired me to write down the simple things making me happy right now. It's easy to get caught up in the swirl of the routine and glaze over your perfect morning cup of coffee, but if you can't enjoy what's happening on the sidelines of the bucket list stuff, something's not right! Here are 5 little highs from my week! 

a daily (!) 20-minute news podcast from The New York Times that dives a little deeper into need-to-know topics than GMA. I can usually get through an episode driving to and from work (easy!) and it makes me feel a lot more informed. 

Chris and I loooooved Ozark on Netflix, and AHS is satisfying our thirst for another thriller. Lame as it may sound, it's fun to have a really good show to snuggle up with mid-week. 

I survived on black coffee for the last few months and recently rediscovered how delicious a cappuccino or latte from my Keurig can be—just the thing for chilly fall mornings. Sorry, Folgers.

Checked doctor and dentist appointments off my list! There's a lot I don't understand about insurance and benefits, but at least I'm doing the basic check-ups! 

The Aveda F/W hair color & makeup collection went live on Monday!!!!! (So far I only see the makeup portion online, but I'm planning to meet a former coworker this week to pick up a copy of the look book.) This was my biggest project while I worked there. First of all, I'm proud of myself for working and earning my way into a brand like Aveda. Second, for then navigating the difficult territory this launch involved: i.e. writing quotes designed to inspire and intrigue professional stylists, and then articulating how birds had inspired the artists in creating different hair colors. I spent daysss creating collection name lists, reading through interview transcripts and researching minerals, flowers and plants to create makeup shade names and hair color names. It was Christmastime when the final creative was approved (feels like a lifetime ago!) and it's so fun to finally see it for real, 9 months later!  I'll definitely be swinging by Aveda soon to purchase the collection as a keepsake. 

P.S. This striped Kate Spade shift is also making me pretty happy. It's perfect for these 80º one minute, 60º the next temps, and the options really are endless—I wear it to work with wedges, on weekends with sneakers, and am even considering it for a farmhouse wedding at the end of the month. Kate Spade is usually out of my price range, but I knew I'd get plenty of mileage out of this super versatile style—and had a discount code. Here are a few styles I'd also wear non-stop: knit flounce dress, sleeveless midi (so cute with a leather jacket!), ruffle shift, long-sleeve midi (obsessed!). 
Dress (old, Kate Spade) | Sunglasses | Crossbody Bag (similar here
Sneakers (Superga) | Bandana | Denim Jacket (old, BlankNYC. can't go wrong with this classic style.) 


  1. I am crushing on the mauve/pink/cranberry purses lately, especially that cute square shape! Also, I can have a boring sunday, but i have found that I must have a saturday afternoon plan. Otherwise I get cranky.

    1. Totally! Glad I'm not the only one!