Friday, October 6, 2017

3 Products to Share With Your Boyfriend

I love Fridays even more when I have the afternoon off to head up to the cabin! I'm so excited for sweats all weekend long, fall colors and booze cruisin' on the pontoon. Before we take off, I'm sharing 3 products you and your boyfriend will both love—it makes sharing a medicine cabinet a little easier! Have a great weekend—I'll be sharing mine on my Insta stories. :) 
Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Eye | Clean Reserve Smoked Vetiver Eau de Parfum | Maple Holistics Tea Tree Oil Shampoo (c/o)

Eye Cream: The best! Chris uses it to reduce dark circles and puffiness (he's at work for a 7:30 call with India every morning), and I use it to keep fine lines and wrinkles at bay. #foreveryoung

Eau de Parfum: I wear a little fragrance every day and like to switch it up for fall. Smoked Vetiver is made for men and women (how great is that?)—described as "woody, floral and fresh with a smoky sweetness," it's musky and intoxicating, but light and not overly masculine. I'm obsessed, and there's something intimate about wearing the same fragrance as your S.O. (at $95 a pop, sharing is also a win for our wallets!).

Tea Tree Shampoo: I only wash my hair about twice a week, so I love this $9 all-natural clarifying shampoo for getting rid of all the product buildup and leaving my scalp really refreshed (read more about why you need a clarifying shampoo here). Chris has noticed it makes his hair less oily, and we both like the invigorating scent for a little mental AM energy. A must-have to prevent irritation and dryness this winter. (Get your free sample here.) 

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  1. I have my husband who is also my bf lolz.Well I am thinking to present these items to him on his birthday.It will look so cool. Thanks!