a collection of product reviews, style inspiration and little bites of life founded on a commitment to engaging copy. Casse-croûte is a (loosely translated) French word for "snack" and my muse for creating content that is a petite pick-me-up: quick, light and tasty. Hopefully something that sticks a little.

I started writing here in 2012 when I wasn't getting enough out of my professional life and wanted a new project—something to be excited about again. And, as portfolio filler, hoped it would help me get a job as a copywriter in apparel, home or beauty. I'm proud that less than a year later it did (view my portfolio).

I moved to Madison in the spring of 2013 to write for a national lifestyle brand. Given the new gig, I no longer had to sell my writing in each post, so I loosened up, giving this blog a new tone and style—and sharing what makes my world go 'round has never been more fun. I'm currently a copywriter in women's fashion (yay!) and I live in St. Louis Park (right outside Minneapolis) with my boyfriend, Chris. We love being at the lake, seeing live music, eating Pizza Corner pizzas (too many) and are on a mission to visit every brewery in Minnesota. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. I love your "About Me" page! Such a cool layout!